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Cut Flower FieldTom side dressing Sweet CornAdam Roto-tillingAdam Cultivating HerbsPotato PlanterLoading the Potato PlanterCaulifowerPlanting sunflowersSunflowersPlanting Privet HedgePlanting Privet HedgeLifting Hedge CuttingsHedge CuttingsRestored Cub LoboyStaked PeppersSunrise TomatoesIrrigating Sweet CornDigging PotatoesPlanting PotatoesPrivet Hedge Year 2Planting LettuceFarmstandFarmstandStaked PeppersMelonsMelonsCalixto Staking TomatoesBarnGeraniumsGeraniumsGeraniumsGeraniumsNew Guinea ImpatiensPickles & CukesTomatoes TomatoesWhite CosmosCosmosScallions and ParsnipsHerbsCarrots and BeetsLettucePlastic mulch beds for a new pepper cropTom knocking the potatoes down prior to emergenceThe tractors used to cultivate, harrow off and weeder/roll the potatoes Tom roto-tilling Tom on his cultivating tractorRoto-beating potatoes.  We use this machine to kill the potato plants to have small red potatoes Eli discing Lauren on her way to the farm stand with some fresh cut sunflowersEli, Calixto, Miguel and Lucio picking up potatoesCalixto planting cabbageRainbowRainbow over the Farm standYellow Cherry TomatoesMollyTomatoesDahliasColeusDouble ImpatiensDahliaSunflowersGreen Beans
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