How to order plants

Beginning Friday, May 29, we are moving away from ordering ahead and encouraging our customers to stop by and browse our outdoor yard, or just be a walk-up customer. 

If you feel more comfortable placing an order, PLEASE follow the guidelines below. 


All orders must be emailed to

Before you order:

* Make sure that you will be ready to pick up your order within 24-36 hours of placing it, but wait until after you receive a phone call or text from us.

* Consult the Currently available for sale list. This will be updated at least once a day. Check it before you draft your order. It may be different from the day before.

To place your order:

There is a order form available under Forms for Ordering Download Files that you can print out and fill in, then email to me or you can just list your order in an email. Either way, all orders must contain the following:

1) Your name

2) Your contact number, please let us know if we can text you at that number.

3) Your intended method of paying, if with a credit card, we highly encourage you to fill out the credit card authorization form found here Download Files  and email it back to us with your order. We will hold it and run it when you take your order. If you like, we can retain it for the season if you plan on more than one purchase. 

4) Specific plant names and quantity. 2 Basil - is that 2 packs or 2 flats?

Receipt of your order will be acknowledged with a short email.

To pick up your order:

* We will call/text you to let you know it is ready. This means it is boxed and ready to go with your name on it. Please come as soon as possible. We will return the plants to inventory 36 hours after we call you if you do not show up and you will have to start over again.


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