Currently available for sale

In an effort to streamline this, I've DELETED everything that is sold out. If you don't see it here, no more available for 2020.       

   If it isn't highlighted, it isn't available, meaning we are between crops and the plants are too young to sell.

Highlighted in GREEN - available 

Orange - Available, but running low and will soon sell out for 2020

 All prices and availability subject to change, 8.625% sales tax will be added.  

SOIL- Large bags of potting soil - $20.00 each

Jacks All-Purpose 20-20-20 Plants food powder - $14.00

Deer Out 40oz Spray - $22.00 

1204 Vegetable and herb flats 

Order by CELL Pack please (4 plants in each cell pack) $2.00 each

Celeriac (Celery root)

Basil - final few flats for 2020

Basil – Red Rubin - final few flats 2020

Cilantro - it's small, our final crop for 2020

Parsley Curly

Parsley Plain 

Muskmelon - Goldstar

Watermelon – Sangria  

1206 Lettuce packs 

Order by CELL Pack please (6 plants in each cell pack) $3.00 each

Final crop of lettuce available now

Bibb , Iceberg, Red Sails, Romaine, Nevada, Saladbowl

 2.5” vegetable pot

Order by NUMBER OF POTS - 1 or 2 plants per pot as noted $3.00 each

2.5" pots - Cucumber – slicing - none right now, more growing for early June,  Pickle "kirbys" are available (2 plants of one variety per pot)    

2.5" pots - Eggplant – Classic Eggplant, Oriental, White  (1 plant each) 

2.5" pots - Pepper – Chile (Anaheim), Cubanelle, Holy Mole, Jalapeno SOLD OUT 2020 , Takara Shishito, Red Habenero, Revolution Green Bell (ripen to red), Yellow Belle (1 plant each)  

2.5" pots - Squash – Yellow Squash,  Zucchini   (2 plants of one variety per pot)

2.5" pots - Tomatillos

2.5" pots - Tomatoes - Beefmaster, Better Boy, Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Black Cherry, Red Cherry, Yellow Cherry, Green Zebra, Heirloom (Pink Berkley Tie Dye), Japanese Black Trifele, Mt. Fresh,  Patio, Red Grape, Roma, Striped German ,Sungold (orange cherry), Sunny Boy (large yellow), Yellow Pear (yellow grape) (1 plant each)  

10" Patio Pot of Sweet-n-Neat YELLOW cherry tomato - $14.00. just a few left for 2020

3.5” vegetable pot

multiple seedlings per pot $3.50 each, full tray of 18 is $63.00  

Arugula, Kale Curley, Kale Red Russian,  Lettuce Mix – Tasty leaf Lettuce Mix, Mesclun Mix, Sweet Corn    


4.5" pots $5.75 each  Rosemary - 4.5" pot  Greek Oregano 4.5" pot,   Lavender - 4.5" pot   Spearmint - 4.5" pot  

Basil Boxwood Topiary Tree  - $18.00

1204 ANNUALS flats 

cell pack of 4 plants each, full flat is 12 packs = 48 plants Each cell pack is $2.00, full flat is $24.00  

Aster Powderpuff Mix - few flats left 2020

Cosmos  - just ~2 flats of each -  Cosmos Sensation Mix, Cosmos Sonata Pink,  Cosmos Sonata White, Cosmos Sonata Carmine 

Portulaca Happy Trail - last 2 flats

804 annual flats 

cell pack of 4 plants, Flat is 8 packs totaling 32 plants. cell pack of 4 plants is $3.00 each, full flat of 32 is $24.00  

Hypoestes Splash Select Pink - less than 1 flat

Begonia Ambassador (green leaf) Rose

Begonia Ambassador (green leaf) Pink

Begonia Ambassador (green leaf) Scarlet

Begonia Ambassador(green leaf) White

Begonia Nightlife (bronze leaf) Pink

Begonia Nightlife (bronze leaf) Red

Begonia Nightlife (bronze leaf) Rose Deep

Begonia Nightlife (bronze leaf) White

Dusty Miller Silverdust

Gazania New Day Mix

Petunia Dreams Blue Sky

Petunia Dreams Midnight

Petunia Dreams White

Salvia Vista Red - 3 packs left for 2020

2.5” annual pots $1.50 each, full tray is $48.00

Flowering Annual Vinca aka "Periwinkle" :  PLEASE SPECIFY COLORS AS FOLLOWS - Periwinkle is NOT A COLOR - Vinca Titan Polka Dot, Vinca Titan Red Dark, Vinca Titan White Pure  Pink Sold OUT 2020

 5.5” Geraniums $6.25 each

Maestro Idols Pink Parfait - less than 24 remain

Maestro Idols Salmon - less than 30 remain

Maestro Idols Sassy Dark Red - less than 100 remain

Patriot Red

Presto Red Dark

Calliope Red Dark - less than 24 remain

Maestro Idols Neon Violet - less than 50 remain

“Stock” 10” geranium plants $23.00 each 

Geranium Maestro Idols Salmon ~ 30 left

Geranium Maestro Idols Red Deep

Geranium Patriot Red Bright - matches with Maestro Idols Sassy Dark Red in 5.5"

5.5” Impatiens $6.25 each

Impatiens Big Bounce White

New Guinea Impatiens 

Super Sonic Red

Super Sonic White

Super Sonic Sweet Cherry

Paradise Cherry Rose

Paradise Electric Orange

Paradise Pearl White


Compact Pink

Compact Pink Blush

Compact White

3.5” Impatiens $3.50 each 

Impatien New Guinea Divine PINK ~ 80 are available 

Hanging Baskets 10" plastic pot - $28.00

Bacopa Pink and Bacopa White,  Petunia Surfina Sky Blue  Petunia Surfina White, Scaevola Bombay Blue, Begonia Miss Montreal, Geranium Glacier White, Geranium Precision Lavender, Geranium Precision Red, Geranium Precision Pink, Petunia Easy Wave Blue, Petunia Easy Wave White, Petunia Wave Misty Lilac, Petunia Wave Purple

4.5” pots - flowering - $5.75

Bacopa Snowstorm Giant Snowflake, Bacopa MegaCopa Blue

Browallia Endless Flirtation, Browallia Endless Illumination

Calibrachoa aka “Million Bells” as followsCabaret Blue Deep,  Cabaret Red Bright,  Cabaret Rose, Callie Mango, MiniFamous Neo Double Silver Blue,  MiniFamous Neo Double Blue Dark,  Uno Double White

Heliotrope Marine

Lantanas - Hot Blooded Red,  Bloomify Rose, Landmark Rose Glow,  Landmark White,  Landmark Yellow, 

We have Lobelia Early Springs Sky Blue, it's upright unlike the Laguna Series of Sky Blue we sold earlier this year, Lobelia Early Springs Blue Dark, Lobelia Early Springs White

Mecardonia Gold Dust

Isotoma Beth's Blue

Pentas - Starcluster Pink, Starcluster Red,  Starcluster White

Petunias - Wave Misty Lilac,  Wave Purple , Surfina Sky Blue - 3 left

Purslane RioGrande Magenta, Purslane RioGrande Scarlet, Purslane RioGrande White, Purslane RioGrande Yellow

Scaevola Surdiva Pink Fashion, Scaevola Surdiva White, Scaevola Bombay Blue Dark

Torenia Catalina White Linen, Torenia Summer Wave Blue

Verbenas  - "Firehouse" strain -  Burgundy,  Lavender,  Pink,  Purple,  White    

5.5” round green pots $6.25

Angelonia Angelface Blue

Angelonia Angelface Super Blue

Angelonia Angelface Wedgewood Blue

Angelonia Angelface White ~ 10 remain

Angelonia Angelmist White Spreading

Angelonia Archangel Cherry Red

Angelonia Archangel Pink Light  

Begonia NonStop Orange

Begonia NonStop Pink

Begonia NonStop Salmon Deep

Begonia NonStop White

Begonia NonStop Yellow

Begonia Babywing White

Begonia Whopper Red Green Leaf

Chrysocephalum Flambe Yellow

Cleome Clio Magenta

Cuphea Fairy Dust - new this year, dainty Mexican Heather

Cuphea Lavender Lace 

Cuphea David Verity (Cigar Plant), Get ready for your hummingbirds!!

Dahlia Dalaya Venti Tequila Sunrise

Euphorbia Diamond Snow, Euphorbia Diamond Mountain ~ 15 left 

Gaura Stratosphere Pink Picotee, Gaura Stratosphere White    

Salvia Amistad# - GALLON – price $16.00


Heatwave Glimmer, Heatwave Sparkle,  Wendy's Wish, Hot Lips,  Black & Blue, Mystic Spires,  Rockin Purple Deep, Purple & Bloom, Sallyfun Sky Blue

Verbena Meteor Shower  

Foliage & Grasses 

3.5” pots - $3.75 

Vinca Vine – Vinca major Variegata 

4.5” pots - $5.75  

Helichrysum Curry Plant - "Silver Stitch" - dwarf trailing habit, smells like curry! Silver Foliage, new this year

Ipomea Sweet Potato Vine Marguerite, Ipomea Sweet Potato Vine Tricolor, Ipomea Sweet Potato Vine Sweet Caroline Jet Black, Lysmachia Goldii,Sedum Lemon Coral    

5.5” pots $6.25 

Dracena Spike, Coleus Coleosaurus, Coleus Dipt in Wine, Coleus Heartbreaker, Coleus Henna, Coleus Lava Rose, Helichrysium Licorice, Grass Cyperus papyrus Nile Princess, Grass Toffee Twist Sedge, Grass Pennisetum Fireworks, Grass Juncus Curly Wurly, Grass Scirous cernus Fiberoptic,  Strobilanthes Persian Shield  

Other sizes


Dahlias - large – 10” pots $20.00 each  Claudette,Kelvin Floodlight - few, Park Princess, Purple Gem - few,  Yellow Happiness, Lillehammer - few, Pablo,  Labella Maggiore Purple,  Labella Maggiore Rose Bicolor,  Labella Maggiore Rose Deep,  Labella Maggiore Yellow  


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